Penne Rigate with durum wheat semolina variety Pasta DONO DORATO, 500gr.

Penne rigate with DONO DORATO durum wheat semolina, 500g.

Classification: dry pasta

Ingredients: 100% Italian DURUM WHEAT semolina, water

Shape: Cylindrical cut at the ends

Weight: 500g

Production procedure: Machine forming and bronze drawn

Shelf Life: 24 months

Allergens contained: Gluten

Tips: Cook for 8 ‘- 9’ minutes

cooking time: 8/9


“DONO DORATO” penne represent one of the few pasta shapes whose date and place of birth is known for certain: in 1865, in fact, a pasta producer from San Martino d’Albaro (now a district of Genoa), Giovanni Battista Capurro , patented a diagonal cutting machine of his own invention. They are born from the meeting of durum wheat semolina and water and were so called because this format seemed to imitate the nibs of fountain pens.

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