A bond that lives on emotions

Work and Passion

In an era where there is a return to a healthy and proper diet, Dono Dorato is rewarded by being the result of the processing of raw materials of excellence.

Our constant mission is to bring to the table of our customers new, special and unique products thanks to the combination of different elements.


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The real gold of Apulia

Everything starts from the earth: it is she who gives us small works of taste, cared for with craftsmanship and memory, according to ancient traditions.

Nectar from centuries-old olive trees, handcrafted in a very short supply chain, and crystallized over time by small and sinuous “caskets” of design, capable of preserving all the good that nature can give.

But also jams, wine, marmalades and other artisanal products, capable of bringing to the table the genuine taste of the past, without compromise.

Respect for the Plant, the Earth and the Surrounding Environment.

The Project

Every day, as a consequence of our project, we take care of every single step of the agriculture, in the full respect of the plant, of the earth and of the whole surrounding territory.

A fundamental pivot on which the company structure rests, is the controlled cultivation, made possible thanks to the use of products inserted in the protocol of the Apulia region, for an integrated and controlled production in the full respect of the nature.

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Became Partner

If you are a restaurateur, a buyer or an expert working in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, we invite you to get in touch with our company.

Because we are able to offer you a genuine, healthy and delicious product. Studied ad hoc in its strong taste, and made an elegant and prestigious gift, the result of creation.

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Awards and certificates

Platinum Award
Le foglie dell'olio 2021
Bicchiere di Bronzo Award
Milano International Olive Oil Award
Special mentionmonovarietale olio evo
L'orciolo d'oro 2020
Certificate: Eccellenze Italiane 2021
Certificate: Eccellenze Italiane 2020
Certificate: Eccellenze Italiane 2019
2° price gift box
Concorso Olioofficina 2020
2° price patè
Concorso Olioofficina 2020
5° popular jury prize
Concorso Olioofficina 2020
Special mention for the line
Concorso Olioofficina 2020