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Orecchiette “Senatore Cappelli”


Orecchiette pasta with durum wheat variety “Senatore Cappelli” Pasta DONO DORATO, 500gr.

Orecchiette with durum wheat semolina variety “SENATORE CAPPELLI” DONO DORATO, 500g.

Classification: dry pasta

Ingredients: DURUM WHEAT semolina, “SENATORE CAPPELLI” variety, water

Shape: Round

Weight: 500g

Production procedure: Machine forming

Shelf Life: 24 months

Allergens contained: Gluten

Tips: Cook for 8′-9 ‘minutes

“DONO DORATO” small white domes, with a rough surface, with a thicker edge than a thin center, was born from the meeting of durum wheat semolina and water, whose shape, obtained with a quick gesture of the fingers that drags the dough on the work surface, vaguely resembles that of small ears. From this particular shape naturally derives the name by which this pasta is known today.

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