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Production area

Dono Dorato EVO Oil

The DONO DORATO Apulian extra virgin olive oil is the main product of our Terra D’Oro farm. What makes DONO DORATO extra virgin olive oil unique is the authenticity of the production processes, which have remained unchanged compared to ancient traditions. Respect for the environment and for trees represent our creed and a source of great personal and corporate pride. The extra virgin olive oil is obtained 100% from the precious Coratina olive. Olive with a harmonious organoleptic profile, fragrant and an intense and fruity flavor. The production area of Terra D’Oro Srl manages several hectares of land, located in the Puglia region, between Ruvo di Puglia, Corato and Trinitapoli. The main office, the storage and packaging area are located in the city of Trinitapoli.


The olive harvest is carried out by hand, when the veraison begins, that is the ripening of the olive. After the harvest, we treat the tree with specific post trauma treatments from the harvest. The same process is carried out after pruning.


After washing the olives, the milling activity begins: it is done cold by means of stone millstones. In this way, by not heating up, the olives do not lose their natural properties. The oil is filtered to eliminate excess water and impurities.


Packaging takes place using state-of-the-art machinery; the latter, among the various peculiarities, allow packaging with nitrogen, effective in eliminating the air and avoiding oxidation of the product. This process creates the vacuum.

for special occasions

Wedding favors

Extra virgin olive oil, Dono Dorato jams and marmalades, follow the local gastronomic tradition and will leave a sweet memory of your big day for your guests, becoming a unique original and customizable gourmet favor for graduations, birthdays, births, sacraments or for any another occasion to celebrate.