Torchietti “Senatore Cappelli”


Torchietti with durum wheat semolina variety “Senatore Cappelli” DONO DORATO Pasta, 500gr.

Torchietti with durum wheat semolina variety “SENATORE CAPPELLI” DONO DORATO, 500g.

Classification: dry pasta

Ingredients: DURUM WHEAT semolina, SENATORE CAPPELLI variety, water

Shape: Intertwined

Weight: 500g

Production procedure: Machine forming

Shelf Life: 24 months

Allergens contained: Gluten

Tips: Cook for 8 ‘- 9’ minutes


“DONO DORATO” a bronze-drawn short pasta shape. They are born from the meeting of durum wheat semolina and water. The appearance is similar to penne, except that the torchietto has a different consistency where the two edges of pasta overlap.

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