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The extra virgin oil

The extra virgin oil

Certainly, the Evo oil is the core product of our company.

DONO DORATO is a unique product thanks to the authenticity of the productive process, unchanged compared to the old traditions.

The respect for the nature and for the trees represents our belief and we are proud of this.

The EVO oil DONO DORATO is obtained at 100% from the fine Coratina olive. It is a type of olive characterized by an organoleptic feature, fragrant and with a fruity flavour.


The harvest

The olive harvest in carried out by hand through simple shakers when the veraison (that is the maturation of the olive) starts.

After the harvest, the tree is nursed with particular treatments to alleviate the blow of the harvest. The same process is carried out during then post pruning.

The milling

The milling starts after the washing of the olives: it is carried out cold through millstones. In this way, the olives don’t warm up and don’t lose their natural properties.

During the extraction, process is important the filtering phase. Indeed the oil is filtered to remove the surplus of water and impurities.


The packaging of the oil is made through modern equipment, they allow the packaging with nitrogen, an important element that helps to remove the air and create the vacuum-sealed.

General information


Via Vignola,5
76015 Trinitapoli (BT)

Phone numbers

(+39) 0883 63 23 71
(+39) 349 42 81 374

The commitment of the company Terra d’oro is to be able to offer an oil that can fully satisfy your taste for everyday eating.

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Dono Dorato is a brand registered by the farming company Terra d’Oro Ltd- VAT number 07739690720